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Verint Speech Analytics enables you to transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover customer insights and improve contact center performance.

Verint Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

Surface Valuable Intelligence from Recorded Calls

Nothing can tell you more about your business than analyzing your customer calls. Call recordings can become a gold mine of rich insights about customer satisfaction, customer churn, competitive intelligence, service issues, agent performance and campaign effectiveness. But the sheer volume of phone calls exceeds the contact center’s ability to manually review and analyze them. Manual review can process only a fraction of calls using unsophisticated analysis.

Speech Analytics Interaction Review
Speech Analytics Analyze Context

Verint Speech Analytics can transcribe and analyze 100 percent of your recorded calls to help surface valuable intelligence. The solution can automatically discover and analyze words, phrases, categories and themes spoken during calls to reveal rising trends and areas of opportunity or concern. This can help you:

  • Enhance contact center performance with insights to reduce agent handle time and repeat calls.
  • Discover customer insights into satisfaction, business issues, competitive intelligence, marketing campaigns.
  • Reduce churn by discovering root cause and predicting at-risk customers.
  • Improve quality monitoring by reviewing large samples and specific call types.
  • Provide targeted coaching to agents by analyzing their relative performance.  

By combining the solution with Verint Text Analytics, you can add insights from text-based channels, such as chat, email, and social media for a comprehensive view of the customer across voice and text.

Speech Analytics Analyze Context

Enhance Compliance for Financial Trading

Enhance Compliance for Financial Trading

To meet the specialized compliance needs of financial trading firms, Verint also offers Verint Speech Analytics for Financial Trading. This trade surveillance solution can analyze 100 percent of trader calls and surface those containing suspicious words or phrases.

Learn how Carlson Craft used speech analytics to increase service levels by 20 percent, reduce handle time by 15 seconds, and improve customer retention.

Verint Showcases Breakthroughs in Speech Analytics

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Verint Speech Analytics

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